Goodbye to You

So it’s been a while.

Sorry to the handful of people who actually looked forward to updates from my blog. However, after more than five years (and four times on the front page of WordPress), this blog seems to have run its course.

It was probably around two and half years ago that my blogging really started to take a nosedive. I was working garbage hours (around 4-5 in the afternoon to midnight or later) as a copy editor in North Carolina. Gradually, I started to realize that I didn’t really like what I was doing, and I didn’t care much for the town I was living in.

Killer combination.

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Why Everyone Should Have To Work a Thankless Job

So, originally I was going to write this post about beer.

However, that changed when I was driving home last week.

Many people had gathered to protest for a living wage for service industry workers. I wasn’t mad that my commute was slightly disrupted, although I’m sure many people were. Instead, I just kinda thought “right on!” and went about the end of my day.

After I got home, I started thinking about the people I saw. The scene reminded me of one of my favorite Sherman Alexie tweets, and that’s saying something because he’s pretty great on Twitter.

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Confessions of a Former Picky Eater

Guys, I have a dark, shameful confession: I used to be a picky eater.

I was the epitome of the spoiled American child.

I never wanted to try anything new. I detested vegetables unless they were in a taco or top of a burger (preferably from an artery clogging fast food chain!). New textures scared the shit out of me. I don’t think I had clear beverage until I was like 19. Had my family been the sort of people who went on vacation to Europe, I would have been the ugly American ordering a cheeseburger in culinary capitals of the world.

Cheese! You know, preferably on top of burger or drowning a basket of fries.

Now please understand something. I’m not trying to blame my parents or excuse my behavior, but there were some additional variables in play besides me being a brat.

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My Year in Film: 2014

I know you’ve been waiting for this.

Once again, I’ve reviewed all the movies I saw this year. I always aim to see at least one new movie per month. This year I barely met my goal with 13 movies seen.

There were definitely a few that I really wanted to see but didn’t. Those neglected pieces of cinema include: Foxcatcher, Interstellar, Obvious Child and Whiplash.

Overall, I had a lot of fun at the theater this year (and, yeah, I know; I say that every year). There were a couple notable disappointments, but I’m quite satisfied with my experiences.

Also, You know (or should by now) how the Internet works. There are spoilers.

The Lego Movie

This is ostensibly a kids movie, but I know a hell of a lot of adults who loved it. Believe me, I was surprised. The Lego Movie might be the one exception to the rule when it comes to movies based on toys. That rule being they’re terrible.

I’m looking at you Battleship. 

The movie is bright and flashy and well animated. It also has an infectiously fun theme song performed by Tegan and Sara. On the surface, it’s a pretty easy sell to kids.  Honestly, that’s probably all that was expected of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (co-writers and directors).

But they didn’t stop there.

Instead, they got an incredibly talented and funny voice cast with the likes of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Nick Offerman, etc…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Poor Captain America.

This movie would have stuck with people more had Guardians of the Galaxy not been released the same year. With that in mind, this was a really solid entry for Marvel.

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15 Struggles Only People Who Aren’t an Extrovert or Introvert Will Understand

I guess I should get this out of the way upfront. This isn’t actually a listicle. I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve been baited AND switched.

The idea for this post started with a tweet that I laughed at way too hard.

TwitterBuzzfeed has mastered the art (using a loose definition of that term) of creating quizzes and listicles that provide little or no actual content except gifs that make people go: I remember that or that has happened to me.

One type of article (again using the loose definition of that term) I often see shared on Facebook or Twitter is “XX struggles of an introvert” or “XX reasons you might be an introvert.” Here’s the thing, I’m not saying my friends and family are lying…I’m just saying.

I’ve seen people post an article about being an introvert, but I’ve seen the very same person drunker than an Irish pirate, singing “Piano Man” off-key at a crowded bar with a group of strangers. (It should be noted that’s not exactly something I’ve seen, but a close facsimile as not to put any of my friends on blast).

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