Unintentionally Suggestive Ads and Logos (If You Have A Dirty Mind)

Gatorade- Is It In You?

Frankly, that doesn’t seem like any of your damn business.

Wendy’s- You Know When It’s Real

Actually, in most cases, probably not.

Chevy- Like A Rock

Too easy.

Nike- Just Do It

Well, I’m all for dinner and a movie, but whatever you say Nike!

Wendy’s- Where’s The Beef?

Actually, I’m not sure if this is unintentionally suggestive or not. All I know is: I feel uncomfortable hearing an elderly woman ask “Where’s the beef?”

Kum and Go

It seems like, at some point in the last 50 years, they could have changed the name of the franchise to something less hilarious.

Catholic Church- Archdiocesan Youth Program

This logo is from 1973. In retrospect, it seems so obvious now.

Shake Weight- Any Ad They’ve Ever Done

Seriously, did they screen this commercial for anyone? No one said, “Hey you know what that looks like…”

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2 thoughts on “Unintentionally Suggestive Ads and Logos (If You Have A Dirty Mind)

  1. […] brought this commercial up before, but I think it warrants another […]

  2. crtnyhks says:

    I’ve always thought that about Kum & Go. We have one in our town & every time I pass it, I simultaneously shudder & giggle inside. Seriously?

    I just gagged after seeing the Catholic Church logo. Yikes.

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