Futurama References That Are Now Part of My Everyday Life

As a pop culture fiend sometimes quotes and references from TV shows find their way into my everyday life. Futurama is probably the best example of this (with Seinfeld, The Simpsons and The League in the runner-up spots). That was perfectly acceptable, nay, encouraged when I was living with a couple of other Futurama fanboys, but now that I’m not…psych. I’m totally going to continue to quote Futurama.

“I’m not hearing a no…”

I mentioned this previously in my post on the best five Futurama episodes. It’s from the episode where the Planet Express crew travels to the past and winds up in Roswell, N.M. The government takes Zoidberg prisoner as an alien invader and it thinks Bender is a UFO.

President Harry Truman shows up to kick some alien ass and take some alien names. He starts interrogating Zoidberg and in the process, Zoidberg accuses Truman of coming on to him. Naturally he takes offense (HOT CRACKERS!), and Zoidberg shoots back with a coy “I’m not hearing a no…”

When I was in college, my friends and I would put on our best Jackie-Mason-meets-space-monster accent and throw that line out every time we suspected someone was hiding something. Hell, sometimes we would say it even it didn’t particularly make sense in the conversation. Then we would all laugh because we’re awesome (citation needed).

“What about what?”

This comes from the episode where Fry eats a “toilet sandwich” and becomes home to a group of smartass parasites. The professor shrinks down the Planet Express crew a la’ Innerspace and while in Fry’s ear, Professor Farnsworth lets out an ill timed WHAT!?, as old kooks are wont to do. In turn, Fry asks “What about what?”

Somehow that phrase infiltrated my daily vocabulary. It was gradual, cunning even. So, when I didn’t hear someone right or didn’t understand, I started to say “What about what?” instead of the standard “What?” Friends who got the reference found it funny, but everyone else just thought (I assume) I was an idiot (and I am, but that’s not the reason).

“Good news everybody!”

Anyone who watches Futurama knows this phrase, as Professor Farnsworth says it just about every episode, whether he has good news or not.

My roommates and I used to say this sarcastically, especially in reference to our simultaneously awesome and crappy house. I’m almost positive someone said this when we got a gas bill for $400 during the winter and probably when the raccoon that sneaked its way into our walls and ceiling subsequently died in the ceiling…where we couldn’t get him out.

Those are both terribly true stories.

Kif’s Sigh

Kif is the sad-sack sidekick to the brash and incompetent Captain Zapp Brannigan. Kif probably joined the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) to travel and do some good in the galaxy but, instead, ended up as this ding dong’s personal whipping boy.

Brannigan beat Kif down so much that he usually responds to Brannigan’s jackassery with passive aggression and a forlorn sigh. That sigh became a customary response (if “good news everyone!” wasn’t used) to any bad news (a new Lady Gaga album) or questionable choice by a friend (skinny jeans).

It would also immediately spawn a quotation of the best Zapp-Kif interaction of the whole show (no citation needed).

Zapp: “I have a very sexy learning disability…what do I call it Kif?”

Kif: *sigh “Sexlexia.”

Sal’s Voice


Pictured: fat slob.

Sal is a fat slob who works a number of menial, blue-collar jobs in the show. He has the kind of voice and social tact that make you immediately think his high school teachers passed him just to get him the hell out of there.

My friend Jon and I use this voice for any perceived lack of sense or intelligence or, you know, just for the hell of it. Again, those who don’t get the reference probably just think we’re the kind of lazy buffoon we’re mocking.

The Whole “Amazonian Women in the Mood” episode

This is easily the best episode of the series because there’s so many quotable jokes, which makes sense because my friends and I quote this episode so hard, like, you have no idea. And anytime it’s on TV, I get several messages to alert me to that fact. In my book, that makes it pretty damn funny.

It’s too hard to pick just one thing from the episode so here are some videos of a few of my favorite moments.

(Also, there’s no guarantee how long these links will work. There’s a good chance they might get taken down)

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2 thoughts on “Futurama References That Are Now Part of My Everyday Life

  1. standup2p says:

    wow- my kids seem to think I’m the only person in the US that likes futurama

  2. loc81 says:

    Given the slightest chance, I’ll (or my wife) use “look at me! Dr Zoidberg- homeowner!” or some bender gems like “well, I’m tired of this room and everyone in it”, “you just lost yourself 5 dollars..” or simply when he acts like a bee and dances around, arse out going “bzz bzz bzz bzz!!!!!”

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