My 5 Favorite Image Macro Memes

If you’re confused about the title of this post, congratulations, you’ve never been to the Internet cesspool that is 4chan’s /b/ image board or stayed up all night on Reddit.

For the uninitiated, i.e. those with lives, image macros are pictures with super-imposed text that make some sort of joke. My favorite image macros are the off shoots inspired by advice dog, an image with a color-wheel background with a picture of a puppy and text offering positively awful advice.

5. Advice Dog

I’ll start this list with the meme that started it all.

I like advice dog because of the juxtaposition between the adorable picture and the terrible things he tells you to do. Although It’s really hard to say no.

4. Anti-Joke Chicken

This didn’t take off like some of the other entries on the list, but it’s still one of my favorites. I like it because I, unlike many people, find anti-jokes, or non-jokes, hilarious. My favorite is, “an alcoholic walks into a bar…and stays until it closes.”

3. Sir Courage Wolf Esquire

This is a take on another meme called Courage Wolf. I don’t know what it is but saying terrible things using British slang makes everything exactly 15 percent funnier. Kind of like saying underpants instead of underwear.

2. Awkward Penguin

I think I like Awkward Penguin because, for better or worse, but probably worse, I identify with more than a few.

1. Foul Bachelor Frog

I kind of identify with Awkward Penguin memes, but I really identify with Foul Bachelor Frog memes. Foul Bachelor Frog pretty much sums up my senior year in college. And I’m well aware that’s not a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Image Macro Memes

  1. thanks for the mid-workday laugh!

  2. emt0574 says:

    Hahaha this post rocks.

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