5 Reasonable Questions I Hate Answering

5. “How did you get that job?”

Listen, I get that working as a reporter, especially in a medium-sized community in Kansas, is novel to some people. But I feel like I get this question far too often.

I got the job the same way a lot of people secure employment; I saw the opening listed on a job board and applied. The people running the paper agreed to give me money to write things, so I accepted the offer.

That’s it.

I didn’t send out a bunch of clips to random newspapers. The editors didn’t offer me job after finding something I wrote through an arbitrary Google search. A former professor didn’t get me the job. I just applied.

I know this is a perfectly reasonable, polite question to ask, but, for the most part, I generally assume most people have their jobs because they applied and were qualified for the position.

That or, you know, nepotism.

4. “Where are you from?”

This is another perfectly reasonable, polite question to ask, but I hate answering it because my answer is always longer than it should be.

First, I tell people I currently live in Kansas. They’ll usually ask where in Kansas even though they have zero knowledge of state’s geography. After I explain where Manhattan is located, I’m pretty sure people picture it being just outside of Kansas City (which is actually in Missouri) in their heads despite what I just told them.

After that, I say I went the University of Missouri for college, not Kansas State University, which is located in Manhattan.

Finally, I say I’m originally from the Chicago area because it’s easier than explaining I’m from a distant suburb northwest of Chicago and that my hometown is actually closer to the Wisconsin border than the city.

I know I don’t have to say all that, but my brain won’t allow me to simply say I’m from Kansas.

It’s confusing for all parties involved.

3. “What kind of music do you like?”

If you’ve read this blog before, you can probably see why I don’t like this question.

I like music a lot, and I like a lot of music. It’s hard to keep my answer simple and to a socially acceptable length. If I get started on the subject, there’s a narrow window to stop me before I start explaining why no one would confuse the Stiff Little Fingers for Green Day like in the one scene in High Fidelity.

But seriously, no one would ever confuse Green Day with Stiff Little Fingers or The Undertons or 999 or The Adicts.

This question also requires me to ask the same of the other person. And if the other person has what I consider to be poor taste in music, I have a hard time hiding it and look like Jerkface McHipster.

2. “So…are you dating anyone?”

This question is a bit prying compared to the other questions, but it’s still reasonable.

There are a number of reasons I dislike this question, but I mainly dislike it because it always comes from someone with whom I don’t particularly want to discuss dating. And that person is usually a family member, which means I can’t really dismiss or avoid the question.

Secondly, whenever someone (Mom) asks me this, there always seems to be a hint of concern in the question.

Lastly, you can only answer, “No, I’m not” so many times before you start bumming everyone out.

1. “How come you don’t like The Office?”


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11 thoughts on “5 Reasonable Questions I Hate Answering

  1. Mike Staf says:

    You forgot an aspect to the “are you Dating anyone?” question. it also comes from someone who you don’t want to date such as a co-worker or the troll that tries to keep you from crossing the bridge. If you asked me to “meet you and your friends for a drink” once a week and I continue to say no, take the hint.

  2. Chip says:

    Here’s some stand up one of my buddys did about a job interview he had. Totally fits this topic and is spot on….

  3. agreed on many accounts.

  4. Being a writer is only half a step from being a super-hero really (thanks superman), and you don’t meet one of those everyday. So i guess some people might be wondering how you do that other, unworldy part of your ‘job’. Naturally enough, they’re also curious how you came to be employed in such a manner. Being cagey about where you’re from is only adding to your mystique. And of course you’re not dating anyone…. It could be dangerous for them, right? *wink.

  5. Myra's voice. says:

    Lol. I got a kick out of this post. “)

    But, you really don’t like, The Office?

  6. Amy says:

    I don’t like the office either. The “Where are you from” question sometimes bother me because it’s usually from people I’m calling in another state. It’s like they don’t believe the South is part of the United States or that a Southerner can call different areas to buy stuff or get info. Another favorite hated question: “Why don’t you have kids?” Ummm…would you like to know the WHOLE dramatic story? I don’t think so.

  7. happydavie says:

    I hate the question, “What are you thinking?” If it were meant for you to know what I was thinking, you’d be able to hear it!

  8. nsslan says:

    I have another one. “Why did you become a …..?”
    In my case the answer could be interesting but it really isn’t, it feels like every time I answer it I let the other person down by being so boring.

  9. Did you design the site this well with the default blog tools? Your blog is incredible.

  10. matthew says:

    I totally agree with number 4! At one point I had to tell somebody that my family lives in Illinois but I go to school in Nebraska but was working in Idaho for the summer but visiting Montana at the time. Quite complicated.
    We have quite a few similarities: my sister is going to K-State for grad school and I have a friend going to MIzzou and I’m also from the NW suburbs (Marengo).

  11. I love your Blog, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a blog, and gives the blogs value.

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