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15 Struggles Only People Who Aren’t an Extrovert or Introvert Will Understand

I guess I should get this out of the way upfront. This isn’t actually a listicle. I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve been baited AND switched.

The idea for this post started with a tweet that I laughed at way too hard.

TwitterBuzzfeed has mastered the art (using a loose definition of that term) of creating quizzes and listicles that provide little or no actual content except gifs that make people go: I remember that or that has happened to me.

One type of article (again using the loose definition of that term) I often see shared on Facebook or Twitter is “XX struggles of an introvert” or “XX reasons you might be an introvert.” Here’s the thing, I’m not saying my friends and family are lying…I’m just saying.

I’ve seen people post an article about being an introvert, but I’ve seen the very same person drunker than an Irish pirate, singing “Piano Man” off-key at a crowded bar with a group of strangers. (It should be noted that’s not exactly something I’ve seen, but a close facsimile as not to put any of my friends on blast).

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Things I’d Say to my Teenage Self

*Author’s note: This post is inspired by one of Dan O’Brien’s posts.

On, Monday I turned 24, and I’ve been feeling a lot more grownup lately. I’ve also been thinking about what I would say to myself if I could go back a decade and talk to my 14-year-old self. These are those things:

“Hey 14-year-old Burk, how are you doing? I’m you, only ten years older. What? No, I don’t own a DeLorean in the future. I hardly see how…no…that was a movie. Just shut up for a minute and listen.”


(Yeah I’m biting DOB’s first subject; I had to after it rang so true.)

“Listen, at some point after college, you’re going to earn more than the $200 per paycheck you’re accustomed to receiving. However, it won’t be much more because, for some reason, you will decide to become a journalist. You’ll also be surprised by just how much money you have. However, again, you’ll be equally surprised about how quickly your paycheck is spent on things you previously took for granted such as Internet, electricity, food, etc…But on the plus side you’ll accumulate material things and non-material things (credit history) of value, so it’s not too bad.”

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Signs I’m Starting To Become An Adult

You become a legal adult at the age of 18 in the United States, but you aren’t really. Generally, when you turn 18, you’re still in high school and living at home. After that, there’s college. Drinking all night, sleeping until 11 a.m. and playing Halo all day, every day, hardly constitutes an adult.

Now that I’m done with college, it’s starting to set in that the real world is knocking at my door (or kicking it in without a search warrant). Before, adulthood was something in the distant future. I was working toward a degree; there was a finish line in the distance that I couldn’t yet see. But before I knew it, the race was over.

Now, to the point of this post. Lately, I’ve started to notice signs that I’m entering adulthood. I’m not completely there yet, but the process has started.


The tie. Is there a more universal symbol of the man? A silk noose that chokes away all your hopes and dreams. Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But I am starting to see ties in my everyday life more often.

When I was younger I had few occasions for ties. Once in a while, there was a dance, a graduation or maybe the odd wedding, but that was about it. I didn’t have the need for a rack full of ties. But now there are more weddings (which I’ll get to later), more graduations, more job interviews, more award banquets and, sadly, more funerals. My collection of about four ties has expanded to 15 or 20.

Gone are the days when I could wear a pair of khakis and a polo to a job interview. Now it’s all business. I find myself buying a tie because it would work well with a certain dress shirt or because I have an interview coming up. Ties are almost a necessity.

Ties. The marker of adulthood.

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