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The 5 Toughest Things About Writing

Obviously, I like to write. It’s what I do for my day job and what I do in my free time (you know that because you’re on my site). It isn’t always easy, though. There are certain things all writers face at one point or another, so, my fellow scribes, I’ve distilled all your frustrations and neurosis into a handy five-point list.

5. Getting started 

Much like going to the gym, your first obstacle is actually getting started. There are several things that stand in the way of getting started but, in my experience, there are two things that really keep me from working: distractions and lack of ideas.

I just wanted to use this picture again.

Unfortunately, nowadays, everyone writes on laptops…which also have access to the Internet–probably the greatest distraction in human history. It’s easier than you think to waste half an hour  watching music videos from the ’90s when you intended to get something done. But it’s not just the Internet. There are also TV and video games, which distracted generations of people before Internet was even a thing.

Of course, in the previous construct, there’s a subtle implication that you have something to write about. That’s not always the case. There are some days, weeks, even months, where inspiration is plentiful, you know, like bad grammar in Youtube comments. But there are other times when it’s like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

I find the best cure is to start typing anything, even if it’s just a stream of consciousness. Secondly, if you have what you believe to be a sub-par idea, work on it anyway. It might turn into something else (read better) entirely. It’s not like you have to publish everything you write either.

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