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5 Things About Working at Night

I would be willing to bet most people reading this have a regular nine-to-five job. However, there’s a portion of the population that doesn’t. Those brave souls, like me, work at night.

When I left Kansas for North Carolina, it was to take a job as a copy editor. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of journalism, copy editors often start their days in the afternoon and work late until deadline. The deadline depends on the paper–particularly the circulation of said paper. But in general, deadlines are around midnight.

To paraphrase The Simpsons, you become isolated and weird.

5. Your Sense of Time is Thrown Way Off

When work straddles midnight (definitely less sexy than it sounds), it’s easy to forget what day it is. I’m not kidding when I say I’m only, like, 50 percent sure what day it is at any given time. Also, forget knowing the date off the top of your head. Thankfully, my watch tells me what it is, or else I would only be able to say, “I think it’s somewhere between the 15th and the 17th.”

Not only that, many people who work second our third shift don’t have a normal weekend. My weekend, for instance, is Tuesday and Wednesday. That means that my “Friday” is actually Monday, which also means I’m psyched when you’re pissed you have to go back to work. There’s more to it than that, though.


Occasionally, I’ll go out to get something before work on Saturday and become overwhelmed by how many people there are on the roads and at the grocery store. I find myself thinking “What the hell are all you people doing here!? Don’t you know I’m trying to shop!?” It only occurs to me later that it’s everyone else’s day off.

Speaking of shopping…

4. Shopping and Errands are Completely Different

Assuming you don’t make the mistake of going to a grocery store at 1 p.m. on Saturday like me, shopping, for the most part, is awesome.

Getting groceries during the middle of a weekday or late at night is so much less infuriating. There are always parking spaces, there are fewer people and there are shorter checkout lines.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Granted, if you go during the middle of the day, you’ll have to shop with the retired crowd–But it’s a small price to pay. If you go late at night, you’ll have to deal with certain percentage of degenerates. You know, the sort of people who bring a toddler to Wal-Mart at 1 a.m. I’m not a parent, but probably don’t have a baby at Wal-Mart at 1 in the morning?

I also don’t have to sacrifice my lunch break to go to the bank, DMV or post office, which is pretty great.

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The Daily Planet

So a while ago I made a faux Daily Planet for my own amusement…

I thought you guys would enjoy!

Metropolis Daily Planet copy

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The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of: Teenage Fanclub

#3 Teenage Fanclub

What do you  get when you mix the jangling guitars and vocal harmonies of the Byrds, the tight songwriting of the early Beatles and Big Star’s general sound?

You get Teenage Fanclub.

Teenage Fanclub.

Surprisingly, I was introduced to Teenage Fanclub via Pandora. Instantly, I became hooked on their harmonious, upbeat songs. They remind me of a 60s-era, west-coast band like the Zombies, which is a sound that you don’t really hear anymore. After some research, I was surprised to learn that they’re from Scotland. You would never guess that after listening to them.

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We’re Not In Illinois Anymore

So if you haven’t heard, which you probably haven’t, I have a real job now. The Manhattan Mercury, in Manhattan, Kan.,  hired me as a city government reporter. Anyway, on Tuesday, I headed west for Kansas. I noticed a lot of things on my 11-hour drive. I also noticed a lot of things during my brief time here. This is a list of those things.

Rest Areas

On an 11-hour drive, rest areas become important. My drive spanned four states, and I experienced each state’s rest areas. There were marked differences. So here are the results of the First Annual Four-State Rest Area Rest Off.

The sign isn't lying.

The Worst: Illinois by a wide margin. What the hell is the Illinois government doing with all that laundered money?

The Best: Iowa by a wide margin. I didn’t know there were rest areas with wireless internet because I’m so used to Illinois’ crappy rest areas.

Coolest Individual Rest Stop: The rest area/Missouri visitors center on I-39. It had a staff, which was surprising and refreshing. But the coolest thing were the cutout silhouettes of bison and cowboys on the hill overlooking the rest area.

That’s how you add some style to a structure that’s used exclusively for bodily functions and stuffing your face with vending-machine candy and pop.


After having several CDs skip repeatedly, I realized I need to stop stacking them in the compartment under the CD player. I don’t have a witty comment or pun. I just need to stop doing it. If I write it down, I might actually do it.

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Back To The Future Is Messed Up

Back To The Future is unequivocally awesome. Virtually everyone likes it, and any person that doesn’t is probably a jerk. But  have you actually sat down and thought about the events depicted in the movie? You probably haven’t because you’re not a pop culture fiend with too much time on his hands like me.

If you do, though, you come to some disturbing realizations.

Great Scot!

Apparently, Cracked has been monitoring my brainwaves because they posted a video about the insanity of Back To The Future last Monday. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen it, but, if not, here’s the link: http://www.cracked.com/video_18203_why-back-to-future-secretly-horrifying.html

They bring up some points I’ve discussed with other dorks, but I have a few thoughts that they didn’t mention. I’ll discuss both starting with Cracked’s observations.

The Ending

Marty wakes up in a bizarro world where his parents and siblings are hip, successful yuppies. However, George and Lorraine both had substantial relationships with Marty in the past. His mom even tried to seduce him. Twice. But she and George get married and have kids. One of which is an exact clone of some kid they went to high school with.

Once Marty got to high school and started looking like the Marty they both knew, wouldn’t that set off any alarms? Especially after they gave him the same name? I know, I Know, he said his name was Calvin Klein. But, he told people to call him Marty. Seriously, that wouldn’t weird you out? Wouldn’t that challenge your whole perception of reality?

But on to another weird part of the ending…

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