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The Good, The Bad and The Undergrad: The Worst

Since my list about growing up was such a hit, I thought I’d do a list about the period directly before growing up.


This is part one of a two-part list about College. I’m going to cover the best and worst things about higher learning. It was an eye-opening experience, and I want to document some of my memories, thoughts and events before I forget them.

The Bad

College was overwhelmingly positive for me. However, there were still things that I didn’t like. I want to start with those so I can end on a good note. Without further adieu:

The Student Health Center

Granted, I only went to the student health center once, but that was enough.

First, it was impossible to schedule an appointment. Then, when I went to my appointment, the entire staff seemed indifferent, which is definitely how you want health care professionals to feel when you’re ill. On top of that, the wait was unbearably long, even though there were only a handful of people. The doctor was the cherry on top. He gave me advice on par with my mother’s (“lots of fluids and rest”) and didn’t give me any antibiotics.

You might be thinking: Well you only went once, how do you know that wasn’t a freak occurrence?

I know because no one has anything good to say about it either. I knew someone who had to go in five different times to be correctly diagnosed with Mono. The first time there was nothing wrong with him. The second time he had a cold. The third time he had Strep Throat. The fourth time he finally had a blood test done. The fifth time he was correctly diagnosed. I have more stories, but I won’t bore you with them


The University of Missouri and the city of Columbia are several hundred dollars richer thanks to me and my ’94 Mercury Cougar. Sure, a lot of the tickets were my fault, but a lot were due to over zealous meter maids and the university’s poor planning.

Street spots on the Mizzou campus are scarce to say the least. Finding one requires telepathy, and even on her best day, Jean Grey would have trouble finding one.  Go to a garage then. Right?

Oh, if only.

There are garages on campus, but only one or two have meters. So there were always a ton of people vying for those spots. Theoretically, you can get a parking pass for a garage, but most of them went to staff and faculty. I can count on one hand the students I knew with a garage pass. What I got was a pain in the ass dubbed a commuter pass.

I parked a few miles away from campus, in a parking lot, and took a shuttle to campus. It doesn’t sound that bad…unless you have to stay on campus later than 6:00. After 6:00 the shuttle stops running in 20 minute intervals and starts an “expanded route,” which means you never know when the hell it’s coming, if at all. This caused problems.

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