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15 Struggles Only People Who Aren’t an Extrovert or Introvert Will Understand

I guess I should get this out of the way upfront. This isn’t actually a listicle. I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve been baited AND switched.

The idea for this post started with a tweet that I laughed at way too hard.

TwitterBuzzfeed has mastered the art (using a loose definition of that term) of creating quizzes and listicles that provide little or no actual content except gifs that make people go: I remember that or that has happened to me.

One type of article (again using the loose definition of that term) I often see shared on Facebook or Twitter is “XX struggles of an introvert” or “XX reasons you might be an introvert.” Here’s the thing, I’m not saying my friends and family are lying…I’m just saying.

I’ve seen people post an article about being an introvert, but I’ve seen the very same person drunker than an Irish pirate, singing “Piano Man” off-key at a crowded bar with a group of strangers. (It should be noted that’s not exactly something I’ve seen, but a close facsimile as not to put any of my friends on blast).

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Ode to The Mix Tape

I love mix tapes, or should I say: I loved mix tapes. Thanks to mp3s and CDs they’re virtually non-existent and that makes me sad. It’s difficult to accept that I was part of the last generation to grow up with tapes. When I was a kid (am I getting that old?) CD burners were a luxury; it was way before every desktop and laptop came with one. I made tapes out of necessity, but I’m glad I had that experience.

Remember These?

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