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Casting Call: More Video Game Adaptations

A while ago I wrote a post in which I played casting director for yet-to-be-made movie adaptions of video games.

It was a lot of fun so I thought a write another post on some of the games I excluded previously. Hollywood could definitely use my help.

Mass Effect 

Like Bioshock, Mass Effect has an engrossing story, interesting characters and a detailed, atmospheric world.  If done right, it has the potential to become the next great sci-fi series.

Ideally, the first movie would cover the events of Mass Effect 2, which is the best game in the series. Sam Worthington should play Shepard. Movies such as Terminator: Salvation and Avatar have already proven he can do the sci-fi/action thing, and he bears striking resemblance to Shep.

Scarlett Johansson should play Miranda. She had a similar role as government spook in The Avengers and we know she can wear the hell out of a jumpsuit.

Straighten her hair, change her name and you have Miranda.

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