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Video Games as Art

One of my earliest, vivid memories is playing Duck Hunt with my dad on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember playing in the darkened living room just off the small den that also served as my bedroom—but just until we could move to a larger home.

I took the orange and gray light gun and walked a foot away from the TV screen, blasting ducks left and right. My dad insisted it would be more fun to play from farther away, but I remained skeptical.

What a jerk.

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Video Games Are Art

As I mentioned in the “About Me” section, I think video games are art. However, Roger Ebert, one of the most influential critics of all-time, disagrees. He has continually said that video games cannot be art. Normally, I would write something explaining my position and why I disagree with him. But several people beat me to it, and I can’t really say it better than them. Please read these two articles if you care about video games, or even if you don’t. The first was written by Mike Thompson at IGN. The second was written by Robert Brockway at Cracked.

The Thing That Started It All



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