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4 Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Must be Adapted Now

1. Y the Last Man

Y the Last Man follows the journey of Yorick and his pet capuchin monkey Ampersand, the last two males on earth after a planet-wide plague killed every other being with a Y chromosome.

The series looks at the frightening possibilities and consequences of half the world dying in one fell swoop. However, despite the grim crux of the plot, Y the Last Man is also extremely funny and smart.

Yorick is a reluctant, wise-cracking hero, kind of in the mold of Han Solo, who throws out enough pop-culture references to make Nick Hornby proud. That, combined with all the action and plot twists on his search for answers, makes this story ideal for the big screen.

Fortunately, it appears as if this movie will be made. Unfortunately, it appears as if it might be made by D.J. Caruso, director of Disturbia, who is “loosely attached.” If he does, he’s probably castingĀ  his boy Shia LaBeouf. Rumor has it he would also cast Alicia Keys as Agent 355.

If there’s one thing this movie doesn’t need, it’s effing Shia LaBeouf. The movie would be better served by a smooth actor who can still do the ole’ wink and nod thing at the camera. Ideally, I would like someone such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt or James McAvoy to star as Yorick.

But I can wish in one hand…

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